I need to start applying for jobs, but I keep putting it off.

I’m not lazy by any stretch of the imagination.

While putting off that primary goal, I have: rebuilt my large pond, repaired a toilet, filed several years worth of old correspondence, and put five to seven hours each day uploading photographs and drawings, and responded to hundreds of comments and likes on my Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and wordpress blogs.

Simple projects don’t seem to phase me much, but there is nothing simple about a job search, especially if you can’t decide what you want to do when you grow up.

I hate reacting out of fear, but there will be so many concerns that I will have to address with every interview I go on and every application I fill out. How to explain my long absence from the work force?

I haven’t worked in my chosen profession, IT development, since the weeks following 9/11/2001, and I lost my last good project management position in 2006. I worked as an executive recruiter from 2006-2010, but since 03/13/2010 I’ve been recuperating from a severe stroke that lost me the use of the right side of my body.

I have slowly built new pathways in my brain and rebuilt strength and capability in my right leg, arm, and hand.

Today, I walk a good distance without trouble, but with a mild limp, and run like a five year old. I can lift and carry thing with both arms, but cannot type or even use a mouse properly with my right hand. I smile crooked, and bite my own tongue regularly, so talking is not without its challenges.

I’ve succeeded at creating great art and photography projects over the past several years, and though I prefer to find ways to make that into a career, the pressure on me to return to corporate America is strong.

So I am procrastinating, but I’m open to suggestions. What do you think I should do to get some momentum?


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