A letter to friends who were getting too negative!

I’m so sorry that I have not updated WordPress since February. I have been very busy and this interface is a bit more harder for me than my photo blogs.

However, this “diatribe” that I wrote after hours of soul-searching, in response to some rather negative diatribes in one of my Facebook Groups needed to be captured. This was/is how I want to live my life and respond to every challenge.

“I try to improve my inclusiveness with every attempt to socialize. I look to learn from the differences in the individuals and social constructs around me. I reach out, as often as I can, to pull people in to unexpected events and conversations.

“I am thankful that our American society changed enough in the last fifty years to allow us to elect an African-American President and to allow openly gay and transgendered actors and personality to succeed and give their energy to the next generation.

“I thank many of my fae friends for giving me the individual courage to stop being the cookie cutter Anglo-Saxon gay male trying to fit in with conservative America.

“I can sport my faux-hawk at fifty and wear the clothes that make me feel comfortable and express who I am inside now because of the energy you send me as a tribe.

“There will always be ways for us to improve ourselves, and we can watch how these individual improvements change the world around us for the better.

“It isn’t always easy to “ignore” the gnawing voice inside that tells us to make ourselves stronger by bringing other people down, but the mirror in my head has S.N.I.O.P. written on it:  Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People!

“That mirror, given to me by a straight colleague many years ago, was lost many moves ago, but I still remember to smile and try to make a better day for myself and others.”

from JD Harvill (aka Jade Starling, HotlantaVoyeur and some other shady characters)


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