The New Stu Rasmussen

This radio piece, suggested to me by my friend Vandy Beth Glenn, touched me deeply.

Radiolab, from New York Public Radio, flew out to Silverton, Oregon, to get a first hand understanding of why they elected openly trangender Stu Rasmussen as their Mayor, and why that was the right decision.
The answers they got from the townsfolk were wonderful.

In 2008, Stu Rasmussen became our country’s first transgendered mayor. News swept the country, but what was it like at home?
Here is the link!mayr

I have several people in my life who have had a much more difficult transition experience, but I love a success story occasionally!

Please remember that every human being that you meet is an individual and should be treated with respect. Everyone of us should stand up in support of our fellow humans as respectfully as the citizens of Silverton!

Part of me wishes that I had not run away from my small town, in order to avoid the rejection that I had been taught to expect; and I was only Gay.

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