The Danish Girl; opening December 18th.

 I had the good fortune of being invited to the Atlanta preview of the upcoming drama “The Danish Girl” starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander.

711955211The Danish Girl touched me in many ways, but primarily as an artist still in pursuit of his elusive muse, and who has not yet found himself completely either. These strong individual characters fight through their own fear and misunderstandings in order to support each other, and I absolutely love that as an excellent parable.

Great acting, great production value, amazing treatment of a very timely subject matter, and with significant historic impact. (That was a run-on sentence; sorry.)

I have been a fan of Eddie Redmayne for a few years now, but now I’m kind of in love with him.
Several reviewers have claimed that the overall movie lacks “authentic” emotion, but with the number of tear filled eyes at the preview last night I would have to disagree. Of course the crowd was filled with gay men and women, many who know, or know of, someone who has gone through the drama of transition and come out the other side stronger because of these historical figures that helped pave the way.
Claude and Lili Elbe 1928
If you don’t know enough about the real Lili Elbe, I think that has done a good job; but the book “Man into Woman: An authentic record of a change of sex” based upon Lili’s Journals, should be reprinted right about now.
Only one pet peeve with this great production; why mispronounce the name “Hans“!? It was originally a shortened version of Johann and is pronounced Hahnz (like hall or halt) almost anywhere on the continent. Only Americans and English use the soft vowel sound Haans (like hand or ham).
My ex, Manfred, a German lad from the Rheinland-Pfaltz region, allowed Americans to call him Manny (like Manny, Moe & Jack), but in Europe he was Mani or Manfred (pronounced properly). Then again, in Germany I went by Jon again, because JD would have been pronounced Yot-Deh, but everyone could pronounce John Wayne.
I hope that everyone gets the chance to see this movie, though it might not compete well with the Holiday comedies.

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