“The Prom” debuts in Atlanta!

Last night I got the chance to see the opening night of the World Premier Musical “The Prom” and it really will be the next powerhouse on Broadway.

Great cast, emotionally charged, amazing choreography, memorable songs, and so very timely.

The simple true story of the young lesbian in Mississippi whose school (Itawamba County School) canceled their Prom when she requested to bring her same-sex date; fictionalized to bring Broadway stars in to save the day, and to move it to Indiana.

There are so many pieces of so many great works of the last thirty years encapsulated in this energetic piece; Birdcage, RENT, Godspell (quite literally) and even Fame in certain aspects.

The blend of young vibrant dancers and singers, and the older more jaded celebrities plays on all the best comedy of today, both campy and mainstream, cynical and optimistic.

Buy your tickets right now because they will sell out in a matter of days, once the word gets out!

“THE PROM” at the Alliance Theater


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