About Moi

SouthernImagery-small-logo-bJD Harvill (Jon Davis Harvill II) is an artist and photographer. He has held several careers and many titles over the past five decades, starting in sales and sales management, and transitioning through technical support, IT, and quality system management, ending most recently with telecommunications and professional recruiting. The entire time JD was writing short stories, composing songs and lyrics, painting and drawing, and photographing friends and family.

JD graduated from Penn State, with a BA in Scenic Design for Theatre Arts. He chose to stay in his committed relationship rather than following his theatrical artistic inclinations, then ran off to Germany when that came to a close. In Germany he began sketching and photographing the world around him, or at least the handsome men,

When JD returned, he brought a handsome piece of Germany with him. That relationship lasted five years, and during that time he created less, worked more, and was insanely happy. After that relationship JD spent more time in the gay community and started displaying and framing his newest art and photography.

JD’s next relationship was very supportive of his art, and he began selling art regularly. During this five years Digital Photography changed the world. No longer limited to changing rolls of film every ten minutes and paying a fortune in development costs, JD became the king of candid photography.

Since the close of that relationship JD has taken thousands of photographs and filled dozens of sketchbooks. He has skirted the edges of “inappropriate” voyeurism (peeping tom) and is still learning more about the impulses that drive him to capture sexy men as art and inspiration.

As a studio photographer JD is attentive to capturing the beauty in the eyes of the men that come to see him. Different from his candid photography and sketchbooks, JD’s paintings and studio photography have more technical skill, but not always as much emotional substance.

This blog is intended to highlight my formal photography, art, and written word.

Please feel free to contact me directly as a model or to purchase my art. My art hangs at my home studio and at The Hideaway a neighborhood pub in Ansley Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.

JD Harvill, jd@hotlantavoyeur.com, or at jdharvill.com or HotlantaVoyeur.com


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